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1-click time tracking

Tired of just guesstimating how much time you spend on individual tasks and projects? Ready to ditch that clunky timesheet and experience a fresh new way to track your time automatically? KissIQ lets you automatically track time against individual tasks and projects. From individual tasks to your entire project and operations, KissIQ instantly gives you an actionable snapshot of how you spend your time.


Keep projects profitable

Stop using that clunky spreadsheet to track your project’s capital costs and burn rate, and experience an end-to-end cloud-based expense tracking solution. Automatically record capital and operational expenses against individual projects and tasks. KissIQ delivers complete financial insight in a snap. KissIQ automatically calculates a total recurring cost and burn rate associated with your project.


Keep 1 Source of Truth

No one likes complicated project management software. Stop using cumbersome tools to manage your projects. Experience a fresh new way to manage tasks, teams, and projects all with one easy-to-use system. Powerful collaboration lets you easily invite your team on projects to get more done in less time. KissIQ instantly eliminates administrative burden so your team can focus on the important stuff.


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KissIQ was the only task management solution that allowed us to stay on top of project costs, and our team's timespend. Using KissIQ helped us gain more visibility into our progress while keeping our client work on-budget.

Mark Wainright
COO & co-founder of Another Great Company